Building a new home is not only an exciting time it is a huge financial and emotional investment. 

Choosing your custom architectural builder might be the single most important decision you make in the building process, hiring a professional and experienced builder who knows the ins and outs of building a new home is vital.



Your first steps towards choosing a quality builder will be based on the initial relationship you form with your potential builder. Always call or meet with builders and ask some questions. Ask about the custom builder’s work ethic, employees and how they handle communications with the client.

Don’t worry about asking too many questions, a custom builder that is passionate about their work and dedicated to detail will be enthusiastic to share details. Make sure the builder is also happy to give references, the best home builders maintain a relationship with home owners well beyond the move in date.


When discussing your design and build with your builder it’s best to get to the bottom of things right away, ask how much the whole project is going to cost and request an itemised costing and specifications before signing any contracts.

Be aware of details on the quote that are priced disproportionately high or low, a low priced quote could mean either the builder will cut corners or do a haphazard job. On the other hand, a higher than usual quote could mean the builder is overestimating the job. Either way, if there are any red flags you should immediately discuss the matter with the builder as to why they gave you that pricing estimate.


While client experience can be defined as the sum of all interactions a client has with a company, when choosing a builder initially it really comes down to customer service. Your first interaction with your potential custom builder should be a positive one. Make sure you are given clear and reasonable deadlines as to when you can expect your quotes.

Use your intuition, there should be a good rapport between you and the builder; make sure they can satisfy any questions or concerns you have. Red flags to watch out for are builders who are inconsistent with communications, it is a sign they are not completely interested in the job or perhaps it’s not quite the right fit. A builder with strong customer service skills will prioritise your experience as a client and make the experience of your new home build an enjoyable one.


Before signing on the dotted line, make sure you understand the quote and the building process, also ensure your new custom home builder can provide a definite timeline indicating your home’s start and completion dates.

A building contract should clearly set out the agreement between a builder, who agrees to undertake a specific set of works, and a client, who agrees to pay a set amount of money. The payment terms and are also agreed upon upfront.

Importantly, the contract should set out the ‘what ifs’ –such as, what if the work is changed along the way? What if it takes longer than agreed? If you do not understand any part of the building process be sure to discuss it further with your builder.

At Voller Builders Mornington Peninsula, a positive client experience is our priority. We personally manage your new home build, by working closely with designers, architects, and subcontractors; providing a direct link between you and the on-site work.  We aim to ensure that your expectations are not only met, but – where possible – exceeded.

Have a look at Voller process here.

The team at Voller Builders welcome all questions to assist you during preliminary stages for your design and architectural build project, contact Diccon on 0417 226 566.

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